Hello! My name is Aimee Gonzales and I am a photographer in the Portland, OR area. I'm an inspired photographer, crafting my art since 1996. I have had my work shown professionally in local Salons, performed work for companies such as Adidas, created press and publicity collateral for such names as “Everclear” and been featured as a main character in the movie “CATFISH”; now available on DVD. I like to take photographs of just about everything you can think of, there’s no limit to my desire to continue progressing and refining my art.

For those of you who have seen the movie "Catfish", you may recognize me as the "character" Megan Faccio. Further, if having seen the movie, you may also understand that there is a significant amount of misinformation out there about the movie in general and myself in particular. As a result of this misinformation and questions that I am asked regularly, I have created this page as the only official source of information from my perspective. Apply the appropriate amount of skepticism when reading any statements attributed to Aimee Gonzales or Megan Faccio. Note that the images from Catfish, as well as all of the other images available on this site are available for purchase in printed form. Check back here for upcoming online Q and A sessions.

For those of you who have not seen the movie, I encourage you to check it out! It really is an excellent movie and I am sure you will find it entertaining as well as relevant to our time.